• Judy Mortellaro


Recently, I sat with Vulnerable and traveled into his essence. He comes as a cloak of protection when fright arises. It was not difficult to feel his fear and ingest his anxiety. I recognized it as a familiar fundamental quality that has journeyed with me many times before. The gnawing in my guts; the pounding in my chest; the shortened breath. His nature is defenseless, however. His power usurped as his weak boundaries are easily scaled. The chinks in his mortared aura violently tapped into gaps that sanction easy access to his being. Oxymoronic, however, since the more he engages to protect, the less effective he is.

As I trekked deeper into Vulnerable's being, I encountered another facet of his being. There was an inner doorway to the protection he sought. When the gaps in his aura are opened, a seemingly quiescent transition occurs. The light moves inward and when Vulnerable is willing, the channels to fear are closed. The light shines inward and sparks the passionate inner self. Vulnerable now becomes a risk taker. One who is willing to risk letting his true self shine forth. No further need for fear because the true self is only Love. Love trumps fear. Freedom ensues and with it joy.

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