• Judy Mortellaro

On Wings of the Dragon

It has been my pleasure to meet a five year old boy of exceptional inner vision and intellect. After seeing his grandma's hand sewn tote bag that I designed and crafted for her, he requested one of his own. What made his request so unique was the detailed description of the design he wished. Not only did he want a dragon, a sun and a cloud, but the bag was to be brown and the dragon blue with white wings. Further, he apparently told his grandmother that the dragon should have a white belly which had to be embroidered to satisfy the vision he had held from the beginning.

I met with him while working on the bag. We spoke about dragon energy in the imaginative realm. He expressed a vision of dragons that included power by ability to harm humans. On further exploration with him, we came to know dragon power from a different perspective. In his grandma's words, Dragons teach us that we are strong enough to be gentle. We are stronger than anger.

I have met with Dragon spirit in dream time. Dragon quietly and powerfully protected me while others were in judgement of my being. They gave me great peace. I was able to find stillness while quite present to all that was in my midst. I found contentment.

Thank you to a fine, very special young man.

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