• Judy Mortellaro

Just the Way You Are

Having just returned from seeing the movie about Mr Rogers, I am flooded with emotion and memory. Sadly, he was not a part of my childhood television programs, but I am and have always felt fortunate that he was part of my life as a mother. Not only did he teach children about how to deal with feelings, but he also taught parents how to talk to their sons and daughters. Furthermore, he liked me “...just the way I am.” It is this notion I contemplate most every day. When I review relationships of this life, I now realize my part in those that have faltered and dissolved. I attempted to change my friend or lover or family member. My perspective was the “right” one. I was, I thought, helping another and at the same time, making my life better. I see now, that, I did not take Mr. Roger’s teachings to heart. I loved that he liked me just the way I am, but was blind to see the message forward.

Inwardly, I know that I did not accept his love for me. I know that I did not like my “just” the way I was. I was in the habit of trying to impress others. I was dressing, eating, exercising, talking, acting, in manners I thought would most impress others - ways that would make them like me. Ultimately, if I did like me for who I was, certainly how could others?

Globally, my heart tells me that if we could only accept others as fellow humans doing the best they can with what they have to do it with at the time they are doing it, we would be operating at a much higher level of vibration than we are now. Yes, there are sanctions we must exert to maintain peace and protection for all. Yet, in the end, if Love were our guiding principle and acceptance of others perspectives; be it on religion, politics, diet, way of life; there would be far less hate crimes, killings, wars, and chaos in this beauteous, glorious Earth we are blessed to inhabit.

I thank you Mr Rogers for your glorious and grand messages to us all. I now commit to my Self to emulate him until my dying day.

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