• Judy Mortellaro

From Owl's Point of View

I have always had a fear of getting lost. It developed for good reason. I am the one who enters a restaurant, is seated and after using the restroom, has to be led back to her table because she isn't sure which direction to go in! Before GPS, I thoroughly mapped out my route before leaving the house. I either parked close to my destination or knew the crossroads near to where I left the car. Humorous as this may be, it can be overwhelmingly terrifying when hiking alone in the woods. For years, I just wouldn't hike alone. I had all sorts of reasons for my shortcoming. "I have a poor sense of direction...I have poor vision and lack adequate depth perception." in some cases, I blamed the undergrowth disturbing my field of vision. The best of course, "I am too emotional (a subject for another time) and spend too much time Ooo'ing and Ahh'ing the spectacles of nature. "I do not pay attention to the path I am taking; I am not mindful enough!"

It is truly amazing how mind chatter and ego talk can actually elevate self demeaning and limiting stories. After studying Kriya Yoga practices and recently shamanic journeying and lucid dreaming, I decided I could change the story. I knew I couldn't continue to travel, live in a tent surrounded by some of the most alluring and magnificent vistas in the world, and hold to this fear of getting lost. One day, while walking on a trail in the Ponderosa Pines of Northern Colorado, I rested in a circle of trees. I began a journey in the mind's eye to a special place and asked to be taken to my spirit animal. Owl came forth and I spent some time in his presence, accepting his nature and filling my self with Owl wisdom as I was able. After a moment of gratefulness, I arose and continued my journey in ordinary reality, hiking along the trail. It occurred to me, that I could ask Owl for help. "I don't want to be afraid of getting lost anymore." In a moment, the answer came, "Look up. Always look up and you will see like I do." I remembered when more actively practicing Yoga, I would walk and instead of always looking down at the path, I would look up to the third eye. From this vantage point, the field of vision and perspective was significantly greater. I would also attempt to be more aware of what was behind me.

I walked further on. It was a glorious day. I began to put the Owl teaching to practice. I stopped. I had just turned the wrong way! It worked!

I can't say that I will never get "lost" again, but I will say that I no longer have the fear I have held for years. As I practice looking up, seeing things from the third eye perspective, I do see more of my surroundings. Not unlike the owl who has a wide field of view (even though his eyeballs do not move at all) and a great depth perception, I too am actualizing the gift of his teachings.

Photo taken by me - Carson River Park

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