• Judy Mortellaro


Perhaps I am gifted with the luxury of an open time and space continuum. I mean, now that I am retired from the constraints of a life bound by paychecks related to time clocks and performance reviews, perhaps I am free to explore my own time space reality. I retire when I wish to and arise as I feel so inclined. So is this Freedom? It definitely feels less confined and restricted than when I was employed and in service of a large corporation. Yet, there is something more - something much deeper I find myself exploring; a rifling through my mind's ramblings and probings into Freedom's expression as part of my being. Is it out of my reach? Is it attainable while embodied in this lifetime?

My mind unearth's a sense of peace and a quality of spaciousness as it enters Freedom's domain. There is a calm, solemn air of existence where Freedom exists. Peace is brought to light. Quiet and silence exist where disharmony and restless, wandering thoughts once prevailed. This then is Freedom unsurpassed, transcendent. Freedom becomes an inner boon unrelated to outer life. Freedom is that state of mind, that quality of the Higher Self undismayed, calm and composed, harmonious, like a pendulum that has found its ultimate midpoint. There is then, above all else, a striving to perpetuate Freedom in each moment of my existence. Freedom, then, for me, can only be found in each moment, as I mindfully move, one breath at a time, attending to balance and harmony of being. I am that I am. Freedom without condition.

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