• Judy Mortellaro

Forget Me Not

Recently, I have had the honor to connect with several of my nieces and nephews and their families. A few have offered me housing while transiting and transitioning around the country. Sharing many life stories and creating new has intensely colored and broadened my life tapestry. I am drawn closer in relationship to my roots and my Self. What a dream I have dreamt! What a life I have created!

This year, on Mother's Day, my niece Robin, invited me to celebrate with her and her Mom. Her gift to me was a delightful surprise. In a lovely card, was a package of flower seeds - Forget me Nots. She hoped I would leave a few every where I went as I began a journey around the country. What a splendid notion!

It has been my desire to travel for some time. Since leaving my somewhat stable "ordinary reality" in Albuquerque, I have traveled many places. I was comfortable staying in Maine for awhile, but once my time there was done, I knew my nomadic life was about to begin once again. I was torn between the reality that was ingrained in me during childhood (be productive, earn money, have a home, save for retirement), and an inner world that urged me to live in nature close to earth and in rhythmic harmony and peaceful coexistence with all of life.

Ultimately, there was no choice. I was on a soul journey. I am leaving my "Forget me Not" seeds in many places. But far more than what I leave behind, I am gifted with Mother Earth's beauty and unconditional Love. From the tiniest, fascinating insects and pebbles and flowers to the magnificent mountains ad oceans and star studded skies, I am filled with humility, awe, and reverence. Gaia, Mother Earth, no one can outdo your glorious dream!

To the best of my knowledge, it is her dream that all sentient beings know her beauty and hence happiness, joy and even bliss. Why else would she gift us with such remarkable, fabulous vistas? Why would she extend unto us the natural beauty of the changing seasons? She has planted her "Forget Me Nots" all over the Earth. Now, all we need to do, is remember.

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