• Judy Mortellaro


is homeostasis. It is not static or unmoving. Rather, balance is derived from a relatively stable equilibrium. There is constancy formed by all elements involved. There are numerous unseen actions consistently performed to create balance in our physical being. The body is in constant movement to maintain balance. There are chemical reactions that create physiologic homeostasis. There are electrical happenings that are energetic movements necessary to sustain life. These too must be fine tuned and in harmony with all chemical processes. It is not unlike the balance required by the mechanical movements of muscles to synchronize and harmonize the movements of the bone and the coordination, even synergy of all bodily function, whether movement in space or in physiologic function.

The mind, however, is the control center. For, when the mind is unbalanced, then too, is the body. The disharmony will eventually lead to "dis-ease" of the physical. The chemical, electrical, mechanical balance will ultimately be disrupted. Relationships will be in danger of destabilizing, human as well as those with all of nature. In effect, the ecosystem may be jeopardized. When man is unbalanced, we see it mirrored in all of nature. Fortunately, nature has a way of seeking balance that is mighty in contrast to one man's unhealthy narcissistic behaviors that seek powers to control nature without reckoning with the essential element of balance.

When the mind is balanced, there is harmony between the intellect and the emotions. When the mind is balanced, the heart and the mind support one another; they are integrated and validate one another. When the inner life and the outer life coexist as a conscious balance of the self, there is a point of silence. It is the peace that can only be found when balance is created. It is the peace found in meditation when the witness and the peace are one.

May we all find balance and know the silence and live in peace.

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