• Judy Mortellaro


As we track along together, as we track along

Shall we sing a song together,

Shall we sing a song.

Love, Joy, Laughter, Sorrow

Who Knows what comes tomorrow?

Who knows and who cares?

As we track along.

I've found a chant that works well for me while walking and hiking. I learned it Trekking as a young Camp Fire Girl. We sang it often but especially while on long hikes. I was a "chubby" youngster and to journey any mileage was a challenge. I found camping overnight for a few weeks at a time quite exciting, exhilarating. I was quite proud that I was able to walk up the hill for every meal and was truly happy that I could hike the ten miles to an overnight tent site.

I guess I can say that those were some of my happiest childhood days. We learned about the woods, peace and quiet even while in groups, singing, swimming, canoeing, and how to love ourselves as well as get along with others. I remember the feeling of freedom as well as connection while hiking those 10 miles. Camp counselors were encouraging. Buddies were supportive.

Now, as soon as I begin a walk, or a hike, I start chanting. As I track along... It has occurred to me how spiritual this song is. One day at a time. Enjoying the moments. Connecting with others and ? Then, I realize, I am trekking along alone. It's surreal in a way. I don't feel alone. I know there are many guiding spirits - divine, animal and beloveds - traveling with me. Like Andrew, above. I meet with him on many occasions. Then the deer, the squirrels, the birds. Oh, and the Trees and the little people, the fairies who assist and protect me whenever I request help. I am enlightened and grateful.

What more could I ask for?

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