I was walking down the street when I first met her. She was glorious, grand. Joy seemed at one moment to be a full height greater than I. In the next, she was small and bubbling up from the ground below her. She was dressed in bright and glittery clothing and wore a hat made of all sorts of buttons and bangles that chimed and sung with her constantly bobbling head. Her smile was huge; not just of her lips and mouth but with her whole face. Her cheeks protruded, her eyes wrinkled, her forehead creases doubled. And her laugh was enormous. Joy's laugh began deep in the pit of her being and erupted like a volcano of beautiful sound that wrapped my entire being. Joy introduced herself. "I am Joy." I asked her what made her "Joy". Why did she call herself that and why was she the envelope of Joy? She said, "I am all that is good. I am all that is light and happiness. I am the full expression of the highest vibration incarnated. I am the closest I can be to Source while living on this earth.. I am freedom, gratefulness, contentment. I am the fullest expression of all that is my divinity."

She moved on with grace as though floating along the walkway and left her undeniable spirit in every moment, filling every space in the universe with her joyful presence.

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