Who Am I? 


     After 60 plus years of study I can only describe myself by detailing my studies, my professions, my stories.  As one of my teachers said, "You are spirit moving in time".  Lofty? Sublime? Perhaps. Yet, when I begin with "I am" I know that how I present myself is through the lens of the consensual reality of our time. Characterizing my being by describing what I have done, where I have been, the titles I have gained, the hats I have worn, the roles I have filled, is just a peek into the space I hold as incarnate -as spirit moving in time.  Nonetheless, it is where you and I can meet at this moment. 

     I carry the name of Judith given to me at birth by parents not quite certain they wished another child after already having seven. I remembered happiness and pleasure as part of childhood. As a teen, I struggled to belong.  I always knew that I was here to learn Love and not unlike many, experienced disillusion.  I studied nursing and practiced as an RN for 40 years. I wanted to believe I made a difference. I studied Yoga as a science and philosophy and began to see beyond our material world. I studied religion and was not only ordained as a Yogini, but also as a chaplain of interfaith ministry. 

     I am a divorced mother of one fabulous and lovely son, and am soon to be a grandmother.  I have, after recently existing in a relationship "beyond" found my version of unconditional love.  I now study dreams and soul recovery.  I walk in reality as agreed upon by society and in the realms of imagination. 

I invite you in to my world.